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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you launch Internet Explorer browser?

Launch Internet Explorer from anywhere i.e. Start Screen or Desktop mode. Navigate to Programs Tab, Under Opening Internet Explorer section, if Open Internet Explorer Tiles Option is disabled (you can not check or uncheck it), click on the link located there- Make Internet Explorer the default Browser .

How do you set Internet Explorer as default browser?

How to set Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows 10 Click the Start button. Type “default browser” into the search field, then click the Choose a default Web browser search result. Click the current default browser under the Web Browser section. Select Internet Explorer.

How do you access Internet Explorer?

To access your Internet Explorer web browsing history, open Internet Explorer, and click on the Favorites button. Then, click the History tab. This displays a list of your browsing history that can be sorted by date, site name, most frequently visited or most recently visited.

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