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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Internet Explorer support CSS transitions?

Element Rotation (CSS Tranformations) CSS3 has introduced a number of transformation and animation capabilities, which some have suggested are out of place in CSS. Nonetheless, there is a way to mimic element rotation in Internet Explorer, albeit in a limited fashion.

How secure is Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer today, is arguably one of the most secure browsers available. But how can we secure Internet Explorer further? The browser is considered to be safe – by default – with features such as smart screen filtering and location filter. It has plenty of safety features.

What is the difference between Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Internet Explorer and Firefox are widely used web browsers. Internet Explorer is developed by Microsoft while Firefox is developed by Mozilla. Internet Explorer comes pre-installed in Windows operating system. Since Internet Explorer comes pre-installed, it is used more as compared to Mozilla Firefox.

How do you set Internet Explorer Search Engine?

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and choose Manage add-ons from the Tools drop-down list. Step 2: Choose Search Providers from the list of Add-on Types on the left of the window to open the settings for search engines. Step 3: Select from the list the search engine you want to use and click Set as default.

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