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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CenturyLink’s internet basics?

As a result of being a telephone company, CenturyLink’s Internet Basics program follows rules set up for another quasi-governmental program called Lifeline Assistance which offers discounted landline phone service and free government cell phones (link it) to the financially disadvantaged.

Do I need a modem from CenturyLink?

A CenturyLink provided modem may be required for Internet and is available for lease or purchase from CenturyLink. The equipment pictured may vary from actual modem customer receives. How do I set up my CenturyLink home internet service? Many internet speeds and technologies require the expertise of a trained technician to install properly.

What is Internet Essentials?

Internet Essentials offers you low-cost, high-speed Internet at home so you’re ready for anything! Our connections are now twice as fast but at the same low cost. With Internet Essentials, count on a reliable connection that gives you the speed your devices need.

What is the speed of CenturyLink complete WiFi?

CenturyLink Complete WiFi includes a wireless modem with WiFi 6 advanced technology. Find the Internet only plan you need. CenturyLink Internet provides speeds up to 940 Mbps. Our home internet is fast, reliable, secure, and doesn’t break the bank. CenturyLink Internet provides speeds up to 940 Mbps.

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