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What are some interesting facts about puffer fish?

Interesting Puffer fish Facts: Puffer fish vary in size from one inch long pygmy puffer, to a two feet long freshwater giant puffer. Main feature, common for all puffer fish, is ability to ingest huge amount of water (and air sometimes) which increases their body size and turn them into odd-looking ball-like creatures.

What are Some anglerfish facts for kids?

7 Angler Fish Facts For Kids Horrid Looking Sea Creature. There are few creatures living in the sea that have a more atrocious and frightening appearance than angler fish. Unique Hunting Skills. Besides their very unique appearance, angler fish are also known most for their hunting method. ... No Male Dominance. ...

Can You give Me Facts for the puffer fish?

Facts about puffer fish Puffer fish are sometimes called fish-scythes or fish-dogs. Puffer fish do not have scales, but there is a very elastic skin that can stretch to large sizes. ... Under the eyes of the fish are small tentacles in the form of nostrils, which very well perform the function of the sense of smell. More items...

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