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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a renewrenewal reminder email?

Renewal emails work best when they are sent as a part of broader campaigns. Typically, a series of renewal reminder emails can include one or more emails before the subscription runs out, an expiration day email, and a follow-up email after the membership is over to encourage users to renew one more time.

How often should I send out membership renewal reminders?

The timing of your renewal reminders is just as important as the content of the emails so you may want to test it out and adjust based on the response and feedback you receive. To start, plan on sending out 2 to 3 membership renewal reminder email notifications before the member’s renewal date.

How to write a membership renewal letter for a customer?

A membership renewal letter should first thank the customer for their membership and ask if they would like to renew for another year. Explain that their subscription is expiring soon and that you need their renewal in the next two weeks, or you will need to cancel their subscription. Back to Templates Create account for FREE

How do you write a good renewal email?

Renewal emails should encourage customers to renew but shouldn’t alienate them by being overly persistent. Keep it cool and lighthearted, but make sure your customers have the CTAs, information, or motivation they need to continue with your company. Keep it short and sweet. You don’t have to say much in a renewal reminder email.

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