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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lute, and how is it different from the guitar?

Depending on the type of the lute strings, the sound can be crisper and brighter than the modern guitar. The most obvious difference between the lute and the guitar is the pear-shaped body of the lute , which is produced by gluing ribs of wood together and then gluing the soundboard on top.

What musical instrument plays the highest note?

The Trumpet: The trumpet is a popular instrument for school band musicians. The trumpet plays the highest notes in the brass family, and they are the smallest instruments in the family.

How many strings does a lute have?

The lute can have anywhere from 6 double courses for a 12-string lute or 10 double courses for the Renaissance styled, tenor lute. A Baroque styled lute can have up to 13 courses and 26 strings.

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