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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is China's educational technology industry?

Educational technology companies based in China earned more than $9 billion in the past five years. The top five companies, each valued at over $1 billion, accounted for nearly 20 percent of those earnings. That revenue is the result of the consumer-focused nature of China’s educational market.

Why digitize education in China?

With over 400 million students, China is the world’s largest market for educational technology. While the education market in China still has much room to improve, especially in terms of formal integration of technology into classroom settings, many companies have successfully taken advantage of opportunities for digitizing education in China.

Why is China's education system so exam-oriented?

China faces an exam-oriented education model that limits educational innovation, a critical shortage of educational resources, and a lack of inter-disciplinary human capital that can effectively integrate technology into the educational environment.

What is the edtech landscape in China?

EdTech landscape in China focuses on virtual tutoring, but there are a number of other EdTech start-ups that have successfully penetrated the EdTech landscape in China. These are a few of the most innovative start-ups of the Chinese EdTech landscape – from robotics to tutoring, to innovative educational technologies.

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