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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best book on Neoliberal institutionalism?

Arguably the most succinct and formalised account of institutionalist thought comes in Keohane's essay 'Neoliberal Institutionalism: a Perspective on World Politics' (1989a). There, Keohane gives the following account of the new institutionalist thought.

Is Keohane an institutionalist?

This being said, Keohane is quick to cite that he is not an institutionalist in its purest sense, citing that such ‘adherents’ emphasis on the functions performed by international institutions, runs the risk of being naïve about power and conflict’ (Keohane, 1984, 7).

What is neoliberalism’s view on rules and regulations?

From a neoliberal institutionalist perspective the ease of pertaining to rules is not considered paramount, indeed the difficulty of adhering to the rules of International Regimes, Organisations and Covenants is clear. However, Keohane does claim ‘that the ability of states to communicate and cooperate depends on human-

What was Robert Keohane’s political leanings?

Robert Keohane’s leaning towards a normative viewpoint of world politics can be interpreted even before his formal academic education and latter academic teachings and successes. With a father part of the social sciences faculty of the famous University of Chicago and mother deeply engaged with social justice and peace, it would have been no

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