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Frequently Asked Questions

What apps are like MoneyLion?

Dave, Earnin, Empower, and PayActiv among others are apps that are like moneylion that allow you to acquire secured personal loans, student loans, and instant cash advances without having to worry about your credit score. What Apps Are Like Moneylion? Want instant cash apps like moneylion?

What are the alternatives to instant cash like MoneyLion?

Avant is the first alternative to instant cash like apps MoneyLion which provides feasible mobile banking solutions to its users to bring them closer to their buying needs. The app allows you to set up payroll direct deposit and get paid up to two days early. You will be charged nothing for enrollment, even no monthly fees to deposit. 2.

Should you use a cash advance app like MoneyLion?

Choosing an app like MoneyLion means weighing up the pros and cons on offer. From fees to credit checks, loan amounts, and interest, each cash advance app offers different value. If you have poor credit or no credit score, you may be better off checking out credit builder loans like Self Lender or SeedFi, too.

What is the best cash advance app?

Brigit Instant Cash is one the fastest cash advance apps out there. It states you can get your requested funds within 20 minutes — but this perk is only available to eligible Brigit members. Borrow amounts are capped at $250, and you can request one advance at a time.

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