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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of installation layouts?

The installation layout differs for different installation types (for example, native packages, binary tarballs, and source tarballs), which can lead to confusion when managing different systems or using different installation sources.

What happens when I install a component from a different layout?

When you install from a layout, the content that is installed will default to be acquired from the layout. However, if you select a component that isn't in the layout, and the client has been configured to look at Microsoft hosted servers for updates, then the installer will attempt to acquire Visual Studio packages from the internet too.

How do I update my existing layout with product updates?

You can update your existing layout with the latest product updates so both new installations and updates will receive the updated version. Or, you can create a whole new layout in a different directory that you can use for updating the client machines.

How can I update a network installation layout of Visual Studio?

It's possible to update a network installation layout of Visual Studio with the latest product updates so that it can be used both as an installation point for the latest update of Visual Studio and also to maintain installations that are already deployed to client workstations.

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