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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the installation directory?

The installation directory is the directory where a Mozilla application stores its program files. It is usually a directory on your own computer. This applies to all Mozilla applications, including Firefox, Thunderbird, Mozilla Suite and SeaMonkey.

How do you install Active Directory?

Install Active Directory Users and Computers using the command line. As this is server stuff, you can also install Active Directory Users and Computers using the command line. Just three commands will install RSAT and have you up and running. Open a command line window as an administrator.

Where is installation directory WINDOWS?

Change default Program Files installation directory location in Windows. In Windows OS, by default, software get installed on your System Drive, usually C drive, in the Program Files folder. The typical path is normally in Windows 32-bit is C:Program Files and in Windows 64-bit is C:Program Files and C:Program Files(x86).

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