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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Inspector?

Definition of inspector. 1 : a person employed to inspect something. 2a : a police officer who is in charge of usually several precincts and ranks below a superintendent or deputy superintendent. b : a person appointed to oversee a polling place.

Who is a qualified inspector?

Qualified Inspector. A person so designated by the employer who by reason of appropriate experience and training, has successfully completed classroom-type training on crane maintenance and troubleshooting; on hoist troubleshooting and overhaul; and on the structural aspects of offshore cranes, which gives a knowledge of structurally critical components and critical inspection areas.

What is another word for Inspector?

Another word for inspector. inspector Synonyms. n. examiner, checker, overseer, monitor, controller, auditor, reviewer, police inspector, chief detective, investigating officer, railroad inspector, customs officer, immigration inspector, government inspector, quality-control inspector; see also detective, examiner, investigator, policeman.

Is Inspector a noun?

tax inspector noun. chief inspector noun. health inspector noun. inspector of taxes noun. 1. an official whose job is to check that things are in the correct condition or that people are doing what they should Health inspectors are concerned about the risk of disease.

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