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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the insider buy/sell ratio?

Insiders as a whole are smart investors of their own companies. They tend to sell more when the market is high, and buy more when the market is low. For details, go to Insider Research Below are the aggregated monthly Insider Buy/Sell Ratios for different sectors.

What is insider trading?

What is insider trading? Insider trading is the action of buying or selling (“trading”) a security based on material information that is not available to the public. Although generally assumed to be illegal, there are times when insider trading can be legal.

What companies do insiders buy and sell in real-time?

Insider Trade - Real-Time Insider Buys Ticker Company Price Buy/Sell PE Ratio Ticker Company Price Buy/Sell PE Ratio SCHW Charles Schwab Corp $71.82 Sell 31.78 DAIO Data I/O Corp $6 Sell 0 HSON Hudson Global Inc $18.91 Buy 0 9 more rows ...

What is the insider buying indicator?

The indicator is the ratio of stocks with key insider buying over those with key insider selling. Each company is treated equally regardless of size. Above are indicators for both the US (NYSE/NYSE MKT & NASDAQ) and Canada (Toronto).

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