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Frequently Asked Questions

What is news and interests in Windows 10?

News and Interests is a new feature of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system that is currently in testing. Introduced in Insider build 21286, News and Interests is available in certain geographical regions only currently. Microsoft has not yet revealed if the feature will land in the upcoming next feature update version of Windows 10.

What is the news and interests feature in the taskbar?

The news and interests feature is similar to the news feed that Microsoft also highlights as part of its Launcher app and Bing search pages. Microsoft's decision to make it a taskbar add-on is attributable to the "stay in your flow" concept which the Surface and Windows teams have been championing as of late.

How do I Turn Off the news and interests menu?

Right-click the taskbar. Select the News and interests menu. Check the Turn off option to disable the feature.

How do I remove the news and interests widget from the taskbar?

Some Windows 10 users may like that weather information is displayed on the taskbar, or that news are just a single-click away. Those who don't, may disable the News and interests widget to remove it from the taskbar. Right-click on the News and interests entry on the Windows 10 taskbar. Select the News and interests entry on the menu that opens.

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