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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chiminea?

Best Wood for Chiminea. The best wood for chiminea includes pinion firewood, apple firewood, and hickory firewood. The Pinion, derived from Pinyon Pine, works by far as the best chiminea wood. The reason the Pinion why it is a popular choice is that of its aroma and its dual function as an insect/mosquito repellent.

Can you use a chiminea indoors in a fireplace?

Today, chimineas are a very popular decorative and functional addition to any outdoor deck, patio, or porch as an outdoor fireplace. Indoors, chimineas can be used as a decorative addition for a bit of the southwestern flare. Candles can be placed inside in place of an actual fire for the same glowing ambiance.

Can I have an outdoor fireplace or chiminea?

While you could consider larger designs, like a full outdoor fireplace, they might overwhelm the space and leave you with little room to fully enjoy your outdoor living area. But portable options, like chimineas , make great additions to small patios. Plus, you can move them around your yard.

What is the best chiminea for your patio?

The 10 Best Chimineas Blue Rooster Dragonfly. The Blue Rooster Dragonfly (appx. ... Sunnydaze Outdoor Wood Burning. The Sunnydaze Outdoor Wood Burning (appx. ... Bad Idea Pyro Tower Steel. ... Blue Rooster Venetian Charcoal. ... Decco Aztec Allure. ... Blue Rooster Co. ... Deeco CP Western Basket Weave. ... Bali Outdoors Wood Burning. ... Sunnydaze Steel Outdoor. ... Red Ember Alto. ...

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