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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inkarnate and how does it work?

Inkarnate is described as 'all-in-one fantasy mapmaking platform with a free version and a huge library of assets. With Inkarnate, one can create world and region maps, city and village maps, battlemaps and interiors, as well as scenery maps'.

What's the difference between inkarnate and this map generator?

Inkarnate allows hand-drawn maps but lacks some of the simulation elements. This Map generator has the BEST tools, 100%FREE, it has options that even Inkarnate does not have (culture, religion, population,military,etc...)

What is the verb of incarnate?

transitive verb. : to make incarnate: such as. a : to give bodily form and substance to incarnates the devil as a serpent. b(1) : to give a concrete or actual form to : actualize.

What are the best inkarnate alternatives in 2020?

The best alternative is Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator, which is both free and Open Source. Other great sites and apps similar to Inkarnate are Wonderdraft (Paid), MapTool (Free, Open Source), Campaign Cartographer (Paid) and Worldspinner (Freemium). The list of alternatives was last updated Aug 3, 2020

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