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Frequently Asked Questions

Is club soda and Gingerale the same thing?

Nope! Club soda is water which has been charged with carbon dioxide and usually no flavor. Ginger ale is a ginger-flavored carbonated drink. Tags: carbonated water, carbon dioxide, water.

What is a substitute for Club Soda?

Club soda and seltzer water are interchangeable in beverages, but tonic water will add both sweet and bitter to whatever you're creating. You shouldn't substitute tonic water for club soda or seltzer water nor should you substitute club soda or seltzer water for tonic water.

What does Club Soda taste like?

In looks and taste, club soda is very similar to both seltzer and mineral water. It contains many of the same compounds that naturally occur in mineral water, except in this case they're artificially added. Ingredients like potassium-bicarbonate and potassium-sulfate lend a slightly salty taste to the water.

What are the common ingredients in soda?

the ingredients in soda are carbonated water, fructose, caffeine, most of the time sugar, phosphoric acid, 250 empty calories ( for a can or so i was told).

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