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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for returning student registration on Skyward?

Returning Student Registration is now available on Skyward. Students who are returning to the district in grades Kinder through 8 th may complete and submit registration online. Please login to your Family Skyward account to complete online registration: Skyward Family Access

How do I create a skyward account?

Enter your state and district name to find your Skyward login page. Enter any part of your district's name here. Q: How do I create a new account? A: Please contact your school or district office. Skyward is not involved in the account creation process. Q: I can't find my district.

How do I Reset my skyward password?

Skyward does not have the ability to perform a password reset. Q: How can I learn how to use Skyward faster and more effectively? A: We've got just the place for you.

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