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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to live in Twin Falls Idaho?

Twin Falls is small (about 45K). A large part of the city is made up of the same boring chain restaurants and stores you can find in most American cities. Cold winters. It’s a bit isolated. Extra info: Idaho tends to be a very conservative state. There is a strong LDS (Mormon) presence in much of Idaho. I couldn’t find specific figures for Twin Falls.

What is it like to live in Twin Falls ID?

Twin Falls is so great, it’s a nice beautiful town of 46,000 people, on the side of the Snake River Canyon. The schools here are fantastic and strive to make the kids happy. You can do countless things here like kayaking, boat riding, mini golf, walking on trails along the canyon, it’s very magnificent.

What is the weather like in Twin Falls?

Twin Falls has a cold steppe climate with only 250 millimeters of annual precipitation which is a little bit too high to classify the climate as a cold desert climate. Winters are cold with long periods of subzero temperatures. During the winter precipitation mainly falls in the form of snow.

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