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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the goals of outbreak investigation?

Communication and mutual cooperation between the healthcare team, public health experts, and the infection preventionists lead to effective management. The ultimate goal of any outbreak investigation is to promptly identify problematic pathogens, stop ongoing disease transmission, and reduce risks for future events.

What is outbreak management?

Outbreak Management 1 Definition. 2 Immediate Outbreak Control Measures. Periods of increased incidence of infections / confirmed... 3 Action to be taken by the Ward / Unit Manager. 4 General Outbreak Control Measures. The Infection Prevention Control Team (IPCT)... 5 Outbreak Control Management. Whenever an outbreak has been confirmed,...

How does an outbreak affect the Health Department?

Typically, jurisdictions will require potential outbreaks to be investigated by a special team of experts. An outbreak increases the urgency of investigations and places greater demands on the health department.

How many controls should be used in an outbreak?

In an outbreak of 50 or more cases, one control per case will usually suffice. In smaller outbreaks, you might use two, three, or four controls per case. Including more than four controls per case is rarely worth the effort in terms of increasing the statistical power of your investigation.

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