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Frequently Asked Questions

How many medals has India won in the Olympics?

India has won 28 medals (9 gold, 7 silver, 12 bronze) in total at the Olympic games. Following is the list of all the Indian medallists. 1900 Paris : Norman Pritchard (2 Silvers in Athletics)

What is the value of an Olympic gold medal?

Gold Olympic medals are actually gold-plated and not solid gold. Containing about 1% of pure gold, they are mostly silver. With the gold market shifting daily, the value of a gold medal, if melted down, would be in the $800 range. Meanwhile, silver is worth around $445 and bronze is between $4 and $5.

Is India in the Olympics?

India at the Olympics. India at the Olympics is a history which includes 32 games in 19 countries and 800+ athletes. Since 1900, India has contributed to the growth of the "Olympic Movement". The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for India is IND.

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