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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of independent?

a small, privately owned business: The conglomerates are buying up the independents. Politics. a person who votes for candidates, measures, etc., in accordance with his or her own judgment and without regard to the endorsement of, or the positions taken by, any party.

What is an independent business owner?

Independent Business Owners means any Persons that purchase a distribution route (s) from a Subsidiary of the Borrower that is engaged in snack food distribution, and then enter into a distribution agreement with such Subsidiary for the purpose of defining the relationship of the parties.

What are the characteristics of an independent business?

An independent business is considered a privately held company. One of the major features that distinguishes an independent business is its status as a privately held company. This means that stock in the company, if it exists at all, cannot be traded on the open market.

What is the difference between Privé and Indépendant?

[ˌɪndɪˈpɛndənt]adj [country, person] → indépendant(e); [organization] → indépendant(e); [TV station] → privé(e) to become independent → s'affranchir financially independent → indépendant(e) financièrement independent of each other → indépendantsl'un de l'autre (= unbiased) [inquiry, study] → indépendant(e)

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