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Frequently Asked Questions

What does independence mean to US?

Independence allows us to see a world that we have not yet explored , where life has so much yet to be discovered. But... upon the knee of any dependence, we lose our liberty, our freedom to see, to feel, to think and to act in accordance with our own desired course. Any surrender of one's freedom is to become, at least somewhat dependent.

How is mean independence defined?

Independence is a simple concept. At its most basic level, it means having full autonomy over one's own life. However, the challenges posed by the ageing process can challenge this definition, especially when it is clear that assistance is needed to perform daily tasks.

Is independence and freedom the same thing?

Difference between Freedom and Liberty. Liberty is mostly used in context to the freedom which is granted to a person or people. Liberty and freedom both mean the same thing – unlike a slave. However, liberty deals with privileges that come along independence, whereas freedom refers to rights of belongings.

What does independence describe?

Independence means the capability to choose who/what you worship , say thank you for and where you spend your time. In a larger sense, it means knowing how blessed we are and possessing the ability to help those not as fortunate.

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