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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Mexico celebrate Independence Day?

Mexico celebrates Independence Day. Mexico Independence Day: September 16. Mexico celebrates Independence Day as a public holiday. Every 16th of September, Mexicans all over the world celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spanish rule.

What month does Mexico celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day in Mexico is celebrated September 16 annually each year. The day celebrates Mexico's war of independence against Spain on September 16, 1810. In the Mexican capital of Mexico City each year on this day the President rings Hidalgo's bell and states his words at 11pm on September 15.

When does mexcican actually celebrate their independence day?

Mexicans around the globe celebrate the Independence of their country on September 16 from the rule of Spain.

What month do you Celebrate Mexican Independence Day?

Mexico's Independence Day: September 16 Prelude to Independence. Long before 1810, Mexicans had begun to chafe under Spanish rule. ... Conspiracies. In Mexico, the creoles decided the time had come for independence. ... El Grito de Dolores. In early September, however, the conspiracy began to unravel. ... March to Mexico City. ... Fall of Hidalgo. ... Independence is Won. ... Independence Celebrations. ... Sources. ...

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