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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tax rates for Ya 2021?

The following rates are applicable to resident individual taxpayers for YA 2021: A non-resident individual is taxed at a flat rate of 30% on total taxable income.

What is the 2020/2021 Malaysian tax booklet?

2020/2021 Malaysian Tax Booklet This publication is a quick reference guide outlining Malaysian tax information which is based on taxation laws and current practices. This booklet also incorporates in coloured italics the 2021 Malaysian Budget proposals announced on 6 November 2020 and the Finance Bill 2020.

What is the rate of tax in Malaysia?

A graduated scale of rates of tax is applied to chargeable income of resident individual taxpayers, starting from 0% (on the first RM5,000) to a maximum of 28% on chargeable income exceeding RM1,000,000 with effect from YA 2016. Non-resident individuals pay tax at a flat rate of 28% with effect from YA 2016.

Do I have to pay taxes if I live in Malaysia?

You’ll still need to pay taxes for income earned in Malaysia and will be taxed at a different rate from residents. Therefore, whether you are a Malaysian or a foreign national, as long as you reside in Malaysia for less than 182 years in a year, any income you earn in Malaysia is taxable under non-resident income tax rates.

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