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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IG Stand for in texting?

Ig is an abbreviation for I guess. Ig you could say we're soulmates. Get the Ig mug. 1. Instagram . 2. I guess. 1." The photo I posted on ig got 10k likes! I am famous!"

What does IG mean in Internet slang?

The term IG has a dual meaning, or, at least, it has taken on a dual meaning in recent times. IG can either mean “I guess” or, more recently, “Instagram” – the meaning will be dependent on the context it is used in. If you’re aware of the context, you will be able to figure out whether the person means I GUESS or INSTAGRAM.

What words start with IG?

Words that start with IG - full list. igloo 8. igloos 9. iglu 8. iglus 9. ignatia 10. ignatias 11. igneous 11. ignescent 16.

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