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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the oldest human remains found to date?

If "human" means Homo sapiens sapiens, anatomically modern humans, then the Omo remains from Ethiopia, about 195,000 years old, are the oldest ever found. If "human" means the oldest member of genus Homo, Latin for "man," then the 2.8 million year old Homo habilis jawbone from Kenya that Mr. Kolker mentioned is the oldest.

What are human remains?

"Human remains ... means the body of a deceased person, regardless of its stage of decomposition, and cremated remains.". But cremated remains, essentially just ashes but often including bone fragments, are not always included in the definition of human remains.

What are skeletal remains?

Skeletal remains are all that is left of a corpse after nature has taken its course and has disposed of skin, tissue, and any other organ that may cover the skeletal frame. For the most part skeletal remains are found long after a victim has died and this may be because the body has been disposed of in order to cover up the perpetration of a crime.

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