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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the responsibilities for safeguarding PII?

Safeguarding refers to protecting PII from loss, theft, or misuse while simultaneously supporting the agency mission. Safeguards are protective measures the Army takes to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of personally identifiable information (PII). Safeguards are used to protect agencies from “reasonably anticipated threats .”

What is PII and why is it important to protect?

PII is i nformation which can be used to identify a person uniquely and reliably, including but not limited to name, date of birth, social security number (SSN), home address, home telephone number, home e-mail address, mother’s maiden name, etc. This includes any form of data that may lead to identity theft or any information related crime.

What are the consequences of not safeguarding PII?

The loss of PII can result in substantial harm to individuals, including identity theft or other fraudulent use of the information.

How can you safeguard PII?

There are many ways to protect PII data. Some are better for certain situations than others. Data encryption is one of the best ways to protect PII data. Encryption scrambles the data in such a way that only those with the correct decryption key can see the original data. Another way to secure PII data is to implement access controls and auditing.

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