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Frequently Asked Questions

How many projects has ideasoft launched?

Our team has successfully launched over 250 high-scale corporate, enterprise, and governmental projects. Apart from handling service company routine, we strive for the development of our product vector. It allows us to walk a mile in a client's shoes. "IdeaSoft does not put the clients of them behind.

Is ideasoft a reliable business partner?

IdeaSoft is a reliable business partner " "At Biteeu, we are very happy to work closely with IdeaSoft. They have proven themselves as a very competent, reliable and progressive partner " "It has been very productive and a great experience working with Ideasoft.

Is ideasoft HIPAA compliant?

Except of HIPAA and strict compliant algorithms it might have highly demanded features, such remote video consultations, transportation booking, insurance and attorney relations management, as well as health tracking and appointments management. IdeaSoft knows what it takes to make a startup succeed.

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