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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICICI money to India?

ICICI Money to India is an excellent service to transfer money to India. Convenient. Fast and best exchange rates are the key differentiators that puts ICICI money to India service ahead of other players.

Is money2india better than ICICI Bank for NRI Account holder?

"ICICI Bank NRI Account holder?" I’ve been using Money2India successfully for the last 10+ years and they offer a better exchange rate than the other counterparts. There are always promotion codes that you can apply for an extra exchange rate advantage.

How does money2india work?

The Money2India portal is simple to initiate and track the transfer and of course, there is room to improve the user interface to have a better end-user experience. I would certainly recommend Money2India services to others. ICICI REMITTANCE is the best way to transfer money safely and rapidly across the nation.

What is ICICI Bank credit card number?

Personal Banking 1860 120 7777 Wealth / Private Banking 1800 103 8181 Corporate / Business/ Retail Institutional Banking 1860 120 6699 ICICI Bank Credit Card Number 1800 1020 1239 Others Do Not Call Registry Disclaimer Multilingual Disclaimer Group Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

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