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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current ICAO aircraft registration prefixes?

Current ICAO Aircraft Registration Prefixes Regn Prefix Old Prefix Country Name Period A2- VQ-ZE, -ZH Botswana 1972- A3- Tonga A40- Oman 1974- A5- Bhutan 79 more rows ...

What is the ICAO code for Atlantic Airlines?

Formerly used JAT as ICAO code. Former name: Atlantic Air Transport; former IATA codes: 7M, DG, transferred to Atlantic Flight Training in 2014. merged into Caribbean Airlines; ICAO and IATA codes no longer used.

What is the prefix for a civil aircraft?

This is a list of aircraft registration prefixes used by civil aircraft: The 1928 markings have been amended and added to over the years, with the current markings being: YA-AAA to YA-ZZZ. Previously Y-A. ZA-AAA to ZA-ZZZ. Previously B-A. 7T-VAA to 7T-VZZ Civilian.

What is the ICAO code for Copa Airlines?

The three letters (AAA–ZZZ) stand for the ICAO code of the airline, such as CMP for Copa Airlines and PST for Air Panama. At 10 characters, including the dash, this is the joint-longest registration, along with Laos. OB-1000 to OB-9999 previously OB-initial-number, e.g. OB-M-1114, OB-M-1245, OB-T-1274.

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