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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a hydraulic pump be rebuilt?

Rebuilding of a hydraulic pump or motor can also be done with all relevant new components or parts. Therefore, just because the unit was rebuilt does not necessarily means that it is a "repaired" unit. Eventually, a rebuilt unit must go through the dynamic testing process.

How do you repair a hydraulic floor jack?

Add Oil to a Hydraulic Bottle Jack Prepare the jack. Ensure that the jack is completely lowered. Locate the filler hole. Find the hydraulic jack's reservoir. Add the oil. Remove the plug or screw from the filler hole. Close the filler hole. Replace the plug or screw in the filler hole.

What is hydraulic system maintenance?

Hydraulic System Maintenance. Most hydraulic systems consist of a pump, hoses and lines, cylinders and motors, valves, a cooling unit, a reservoir, filters and hydraulic fluid (oil). At the heart of the system is the pump. It uses energy from the engine to pump the fluid and create hydraulic flow and pressure.

What is a hydraulic service?

Hydraulic Service is equipped to provide a complete solution for all your cylinders, jacks, pumps and tooling needs with industrial tools for sale and the capability of getting your equipment in a fast and timely manner. Click the tiles above to view our current specials and complete product line sorted by vendor.

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