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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of hydraulic systems over pneumatic?

Hydraulic systems are much more cost efficient than pneumatic systems, because hydraulic systems offer much better efficiency of use -- by about 25 per cent over pneumatic systems. A system using hydraulics can match the power of a pneumatic system even if the horsepower of the hydraulic system is listed as less than that of the pneumatic system.

How are pneumatics better than hydraulics?

Hydraulic systems can move bigger weights and provide more force than pneumatic systems, but pneumatic technology is cleaner. Pneumatics, which can leak oil or hydraulic fluid, is less concerned with leaks. The compressible gases utilized in pneumatic system applications are simple to store and secure. They're not going to explode like air does if it's released in an inappropriate place.

Which is more accurate hydraulics or pneumatic?

typically hydraulic systems are more accurate, since you can control an actuator by adjusting a flow control valve thats placed behind it. However, choosing the appropriate size actuators, pumps, and relief valve settings, allows you to be pretty accurate and precise.

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