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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hydraulic structure?

HYDRAULIC STRUCTURES A hydraulic structure is a structure submerged or partially submerged in any body of water, which disrupts the natural flow of water. They can be used to divert, disrupt or completely stop the flow. An example of a hydraulic structure would be a dam, which slows the normal flow rate of river in order to power turbines. A

What are the types of hydraulic structures?

Hydraulic structures are anything that can be used to divert, restrict, stop, or otherwise manage the natural flow of water. They can be made from materials ranging from large rock and concrete to obscure items such as wooden timbers or tree trunks. A dam, for instance, is a type of hydraulic structure used to hold water in a reservoir as potential energy.

What is hydraulic design?

What is hydraulic design? According to Webster's Dictionary, hydraulic means operated, moved, or effected by the means of water. In a transportation context, this refers to drainage structures such as bridges or culverts.

What is river engineering?

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