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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of hydraulic structures?

Based on the work they are designed to perform on streamflow, hydraulic structures are categorized as water-retaining structures (dams and barrages), water-conveying structures (artificial channels), and special-purpose structures (structures for hydropower generation or inland waterways) [ 1 ]. 1.1.1 Water-retaining structures

What are the components of a hydraulic system?

There are six basic components required for setting up a hydraulic system: 1. A reservoir to hold the liquid (usually hydraulic oil) 2. A pump to force the liquid through the system. 3. An electric motor or other power source to drive the pump. 4. Valves to control the liquid direction, pressure and flow rate.

What are the hydraulic structures?

Hydraulic structure. A hydraulic structure is a structure submerged or partially submerged in any body of water, which disrupts the natural flow of water. They can be used to divert, disrupt or completely stop the flow.

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