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Frequently Asked Questions

What does hydraulic mean?

Hydraulic (adj) of or pertaining to hydraulics, or to fluids in motion; conveying, or acting by, water; as, an hydraulic clock, crane, or dock. Etymology: [F. hydraulique, L. hydraulicus, fr. Gr. , , a water organ; "y`dwr water + flute, pipe. See Hydra.]

What is the difference between hydraulic and pneumatic?

The main difference between hydraulics and pneumatics is the medium used to deliver the power. Hydraulics use liquids, like water or oil. Pneumatics use compressed gas, like air. Hydraulic systems are typically used for high force and where stiffness in position is necessary.

What is an example of hydraulic?

Hydraulic System: Pneumatic systems are open systems, always processing new air, and air is simply exhausted to the atmosphere. Hydraulic systems are closed systems,always recirculating the same oil. Example of Hydraulic System: a blood pressure gauge, car brakes, power steering in cars, buses when they kneel, human heart etc.

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