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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the humankind digital deluxe edition?

The HUMANKIND Digital Deluxe Edition grants you access to the base game, where you'll leave your mark on the world as you face historical events, take impactful moral decisions and make scientific breakthroughs.

What is humankind?

From humble origins as a Neolithic tribe, transition to the Ancient Era as the Babylonians - history is truly in your hands in HUMANKIND. SEGA and Amplitude Studios' new strategy title for Steam PC offer players the chance to combine up to 60 historical cultures - each with its own special gameplay layer, leading to near-endless outcomes.

What is humankind subreddit?

The subreddit for fans of the strategy game HUMANKIND and its developer, Amplitude Studios. Post your stories, news, and screenshots here! Reddit Inc © 2021 .

Is humankind stuck with its chosen culture?

Humankind's big trick is that you're not stuck with your chosen culture. At the start of every new era—there are six in total—you can optionally adopt a new era-appropriate culture while keeping the bonuses from your previous ones.

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