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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Humana make money?

In terms of overall revenue, Medicare Advantage represents about two-thirds of Humana's business. In addition, Humana provides Medicaid benefits, supported by the joint federal-state program, to 300,000 people. In other words, Humana relies heavily on the federal government for its revenues and profits.

What does Humana pay for?

Humana Insurance to Pay for Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Care. Individuals who have Humana insurance coverage may be able to utilize it to pay for the costs of nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities, especially when the care is provided by medically certified personnel under a skilled care plan written by a physician in a state licensed skilled nursing care center. May 30 2019

Does Humana have a Medicare supplement plan?

Humana is well known as one of the largest providers of medical insurance in the country, with millions of members subscribed to its plans. Medicare Supplement plans are supplemental plans to original Medicare that offer a few options for those seeking additional coverage.

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