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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Huggies better than Pampers?

Huggies has about 10 times the amount of cotton that Pampers has, while Pampers has only 2 times the amount of sodium polyacrylate that Huggies has. So there you go parents! Huggies is more absorbent than Pampers.

Which one is better Pampers or Huggies?

While both these brands have great reviews, Pampers seems to fare better than Huggies because of its quick absorbency and better fit. Unlike the Pampers diaper with its built-in tabs at sides, Huggies has flimsy-looking grip tabs attached to its sides, which a parent might end up pulling out.

Does pamper hold more liquid than Huggies?

Does pamper hold more liquid than Huggies? When the diaper reached its leaking point in a vertical position, Pampers absorbed an average of 83 mL before leaking and Huggies absorbed an average of 130.5 mL . This shows Huggies absorbed 48 mL more of 5% salt water than Pampers. Both diapers absorbed more than 58 mL , the amount a newborn can ...

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