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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add HTML form in slider Revolution?

1. Click on Slider Revolution in the side menu. 2. Then click on the your slider. 3. Click on slide on which you want to add the html form. 4. In the slide there is add layer button. Click add layer button. In this there is option to add Image, text/html, shape, video etc. Select add text/html.

What is the slider Revolution manual?

This manual is designed for you to be able to land on page 1 and flip through it like a book. You’ll be taken from beginner through to advanced usage of Slider Revolution as you go along. You’ll learn about the entire set of tools available to you within the plugin.

Can you add a video to slider Revolution?

You can add YouTube Video slides, Vimeo Video slides, etc. Adding a video to Slider Revolution requires a whole separate article, so I’ll skip it for now. But I’ll be back with more on that in the near future.

Is slider Revolution a good plugin for WordPress?

If you want to create beautiful sliders for your website, you can’t go wrong with Slider Revolution. A plethora of powerful features have made this plugin the #1 choice for thousands of WordPress professionals. However, if you’ve never used Slider Revolution before, you might be a bit confused by all the options it has to offer.

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