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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install slider Revolution on WordPress?

Then locate your copy of Slider Revolution and select the download option for “Installable WordPress file only.” Next, log into your WordPress site and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Then click on the “Upload Plugin” button at the top left of your screen.

What is the Revolution Slider?

The Revolution Slider is a commonly used plugin that allows users to add an image slider to a Wordpress website.

Is the slider Revolution plugin compatible with my theme?

While sometimes this means you might have to wait a little for a slider update it ensures the plugin is fully compatible with your theme. Before you begin building we recommend visiting the Global Settings option (which is a submenu item underneath Slider Revolution).

Can you add a video to slider Revolution?

You can add YouTube Video slides, Vimeo Video slides, etc. Adding a video to Slider Revolution requires a whole separate article, so I’ll skip it for now. But I’ll be back with more on that in the near future.

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