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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove the Microsoft Family Safety?

how to remove family safety. Click the Start button. Click Windows Essentials, and then click Uninstall/Change. Select the check box next to Family Safety, and then click Continue. Follow the instructions on your screen. After the Family Safety Filter has been uninstalled, restart the computer.

How to completely uninstall Microsoft Family Safety?

Uninstalling the Microsoft Family Safety app. top Sign out from your child's account in the Family Safety app (tap on the app's menu button > your child's name > Sign out). Depending on your child's age, organizer approval to sign out may be required (Remove members or leave your family goup)Once the child's account is signed out, go to the Android device settings menu and deactivate the Device Admin permissi on for the Family Safety ...

How do you leave a family in Microsoft?

Leave family group (member) Using a web browser, visit Log into your Family Safety account. Confirm with your family group’s organizer that there is at least one other family member in your family group before you leave. Family groups without an organizer and at least one other family member will be deleted.

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