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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a peripheral IV converted to a saline lock?

Chapter 8. Intravenous Therapy A peripheral IV may be converted to a saline lock when a prescribed continuous IV therapy is switched to intermittent IV or a saline lock for future use. A physician’s order is required to stop a continuous infusion.

How do you insert a saline lock?

How to Insert a Saline Lock. 1 Step 1: Introduction and Verification. First, introduce yourself to the patient and ask him/her about any allergies to medications, iodine, or tape. 2 Step 2: Verfication. 3 Step 3: Gather Your Supplies. 4 Step 4: Wash Your Hands. 5 Step 5: Prime the Extension Tubing. More items

What is the locking mechanism of an IV?

The locking mechanism of an IV contains a small amount of saline or heparin to ensure that the IV access does not become blocked by a blood clot. The tube is then clamped to prevent the backflow of blood into the tubing. This lesson will review the different intravenous catheters and compare their risks and benefits. What Is a Saline Lock?

Can I use a saline IV lock during labor?

You'll be able to move your arm, and the IV should not cause any pain. A saline lock can be converted to a full-scale IV at any point, such as if a mother requests an epidural or is in need of IV medication or fluids. Talk to your doctor or midwife before your labor starts to clarify how they use saline IV locks and express your preferences.

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