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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of honey bees?

3 Ways to Get Rid of Honey Bees 1 Call a Beekeeper There will be some bee keepers that will jump on a phone call to capture a swarm. ... 2 Call an Exterminator Calling an exterminator is a possibility, as well. This is often used as the last resort. ... 3 Use a Swarm Box

How to remove a bees nest from your home?

How to humanely remove a bees nest from your home, according to experts. 1 Determine the location of the bees. If you find a swarm of bees in your home, stay calm and keep your distance while you examine the situation—is ... 2 Smoke them out. 3 Consider vinegar. 4 Sprinkle some cinnamon. 5 If all else fails, call a professional. More items

Can a beekeeper capture a swarm of bees?

In fact, there are easier ways to get a swarm rather than capturing it. If the bees are inside a structure, it is possible bee keepers cannot get to the swarm at all. It is also most likely siding to the house will need to be removed.

Why do honey bees swarm around my house?

Honey bees often swarm to split the colony, to see if the conditions are favorable to setting up a new hive, or to rob the hive of honey. Any gap in siding can be an easy entrance into a structure.

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