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Frequently Asked Questions

How can shippers reduce transportation costs?

The good news is there are concrete, common-sense steps that shippers can take to mitigate the upward spiral and reduce transportation cost. Some steps are specific to each mode. Others can be used in both. Let’s start with LTL: LTL carriers offer nothing but time and space. LTL charges are based on weight and space.

How to reduce logistics costs?

One of the most important aspects of reducing logistics costs is to ensure your customers are happy. When you have a high shipping cost, your customers are likely to abandon carts. To reduce this, you can offer free shipping if an order value exceeds a certain threshold amount.

How can I save money on transportation costs?

If you’re on a mission to save more money, one of the most important things you can do is reduce your transportation costs. From the cost of buying a car to paying for maintenance, gas, and insurance, there are tons of opportunities for you to cut back. But where, exactly, should you start?

Is a lack of transportation planning a loss of business?

For example, a lack of planning and transparency or bad decision making can lead to increased overall costs, failed delivery or appointment targets, unhappy customers, and ultimately a loss of business. So, what should you do instead to reduce transportation costs?

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