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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Guy with commitment issues really mean?

Men with commitment issues have a reputation for short-term flings, but zero long-term relationships. He has a clear avoidance of commitment-related terms such as ‘love,’ ‘marriage,’ or ‘dating.’ He avoids his personal commitments.

What does "commitment issues" mean?

Commitment issues, or a fear of commitment, involves an unwillingness to commit to a relationship. This term usually refers to romantic relationships, but can become a problem in any setting.

What is commitment phobia and how to overcome it?

Commitment phobia can be described as a self-destructive trait that makes it difficult for a person to be in a healthy long-term relationship. We spoke to renowned clinical psychologist Dr Bhavna Barmi about self-destructive habits and she said, “These are habits or behaviours that often lead to relief in the short term, but ultimately get in ...

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