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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unlock the Outbreak Perfected catalyst?

As of the launch of The Witch Queen, the only way to unlock the Outbreak Perfected catalyst is by completing playlist activities such as Gambit, strikes, or Crucible.

Is Outbreak Perfected a good primary in Destiny 2?

Outbreak Perfected is a great Exotic primary in Destiny 2 worth getting the catalyst for. Here's how to find it and what the catalyst does. Season 16 of Destiny 2 has seen the return of many older catalysts for Exotic weapons that haven't really had any attention on them up until now.

What happened to Outbreak Perfected?

[toc] Outbreak Perfected was in a bad spot. It had a stellar Exotic quest and top-tier Catalyst, but they were removed from the game, with the latter becoming unavailable for over a year. But with the release of The Witch Queen, the catalyst for Outbreak Perfected (among others) is finally available again.

Is the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle making a comeback in Destiny 2?

The Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle may have had a bit of a memey status in season 15, but it's officially making a comeback now that players can get their hands on its catalyst. Whether players are completionists or looking to make their go-to Exotic PVE primary stronger, they'll want to know how to get the catalyst and what it does in Destiny 2.

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