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Frequently Asked Questions

How to draw Goku?

Regular Goku Draw an egg-shaped oval. First, draw a circle as a base of the head. Sketch the features of the face outlines. Draw four horizontal lines and a vertical line. Draw the outlines for the ears and the face. Notice that there are six slanted lines sketched on the feature outlines. Draw the jawline down to the chin. Goku’s muscular neck.

How do you draw a frown Wrinkle in Goku?

Sketch a frown wrinkle where the center of the eyes will be. Take a pencil or pen and draw a tiny horizontal line, which will be the frown wrinkle in between Goku's eyes. Then, make 2 angled lines that extend up from each side and point towards each other. [1] Draw angled eyebrows that extend up from each side of the frown wrinkle.

How do you draw Goku's vest?

The vest covers almost all of Goku's shoulders so draw the vest almost to the end of where the shoulders will be. Tip: If you're going to color in the drawing, make the vest a deep red or yellow-orange color. Curve the ends of the shoulder line and sketch the top of Goku's shirt.

Is Goku a good character?

He is a descended of the Saiyan’s, a warrior race that is powerful in battle and able to do amazing things. This character was introduced in Dragon Ball 1984 and he appeared in a lot of comics and movies since then. Drawing Goku is something that anybody who likes the character should try.

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