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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I exit Kids Mode on Microsoft Edge?

Until you exit Kids Mode, Microsoft Edge will always launch in Kids Mode. Exit Kids Mode You need your device password (the same password used to unlock your computer) to exit Kids Mode and resume browsing. Select the Kids Mode icon at the top of the browser. Select Exit Kids Mode Window. Enter your credentials.

How do I remove a website from Kids Mode?

Make changes to the allow list or Kids Mode settings 1 Go to Settings and more > Settings > Family . 2 Select Manage allowed sites in Kids Mode. You’ll see the pre-defined allow list that's applied to Kids Mode. The list is... 3 To remove a site, click on the Close icon (X) beside it in the list. To add a website, select Add website. More ...

How do I Turn Off Family Safety?

Family Safety is built-in feature and can’t be removed completely, but you can always turn it off. To turn off or stop using the family features Microsoft provides, follow the instructions below: For Windows 10, Remove people from your Microsoft account family

What if I haven't set up Microsoft Edge?

If you haven’t set up Microsoft Edge, see the Microsoft Edge setup guide. This article applies to Microsoft Edge version 77 or later. You can use group policy objects (GPO) to configure policy settings for Microsoft Edge and managed Microsoft Edge updates on all versions of Windows. You can also configure policies via the registry for:

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