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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use the clock in terraria?

When equipped in an accessory slot or simply held in the inventory, a clock will appear in the upper-right corner of the playing screen, revealing the in-game time accurate to the last minute. A minute of Terraria game time is equivalent to a second of real-world time. It is required for crafting the GPS and 1 Second Timer .

How important is time in terraria?

If you have been playing Terraria for a while you understand how important it can be to know what time it is in your world. Time can dictate whether or not a boss will flee from you, spawns for rare critters or enemies, and in rare cases prevent you from getting one shot.

How do you make a trapped chest in terraria?

How do you make a trapped chest in Terraria? To make a trapped chest, take whatever variant of chest you would like to turn into a trapped chest along with ten pieces of wire. Stand next to your heavy workbench and you will see the trapped variant of your chest show up in your crafting menu.

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